Production design & tooling

Design for low, medium, and high volume production processes. Domestic and offshore tooling development. Art-to-part (rapid manufacturing with prototype processes). Development of custom processes, tooling, and fixtures. Supplier, tooling, and part qualification.

Physical testing

Development of internal and external verification test plans. Product design and testing for a variety of industry standards, including: FDA, UL, SAE, ASTM, CE, and FCC. Test fixture design.

Computer analysis

Finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, drop test simulation, optical system simulation.

Marketing material & online sales platform

Packaging and label design. Product animation and photo-realistic rendering. Web-ready CAD model database creation for customer downloading. Development of website and online store.

Production Scaling & automation

Optimization of manufacturing and assembly for increased efficiency at scale. Development of automated production systems including robotics implementation and human-machine collaborative workcells.

Documentation & Regulatory

Manufacturing drawings, instructional manuals, analysis reports, theory of operation documents, quality management systems (QMS), engineering change orders (ECO), sterilization strategies, and control documentation.

Prototype & concept development

Analysis of competitive products and patents. Identification of likely technologies for disruptive products. Marketing and technical specification generation. Compilation of provisional patent claims and artwork. Reverse engineering and manufacturing costing.

Strategic marketing & intellectual property

Analysis of competitive products and patents, identification of likely technologies for disruptive products, marketing and technical specification, compilation of provisional patent claims and artwork, reverse engineering and manufacturing, BOM costing.