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designPORT is a full-service engineering, product development and CAD services firm focused on the development of innovative solutions for companies and entrepreneurs alike. We have assembled a core team of skilled engineers with an extensive collection of experience to provide affordable, fast-paced design and analysis services to those looking for unique solutions and exciting new products.

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As a first-time entrepreneur, designPORT has been a godsend. They listen and pivot quickly. They are collaborative and you can feel that they really want you to succeed. It’s been a fun and fluid process, and we look forward to working with them on future products.

Kirsty R

Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Goods Company

designPORT helped us bring our first medical device to market. They developed and executed a comprehensive plan to get us through regulatory, engineering, and IP challenges, prototyping, tooling, sterilization, and packaging. They even helped us with a distribution strategy. The designPORT team also anticipated our projected volume increases and designed our product to seamlessly scale to automated manufacturing when the time comes.

Corrina P

Chief Strategy Officer, Biomedical Services Company

We were experiencing over a 15% failure rate at the end of our production line and had been unable to determine the cause. designPORT was brought in and within a short period of time, not only helped determine root cause but devised a solution. Their in-house optical and failure analysis capabilities are impressive nonetheless. Whenever we need assistance solving complex problems, we can always call on them.

Eric P

Director of Engineering, Optical Products Manufacturer

Our flagship medical product was getting national press and sales were growing, but manufacturing costs were too high. We hired designPORT to redesign the product to reduce cost and treat a wider range of patients. Working with tight budget constraints, they quickly delivered several concepts, and we chose one. They then fully developed the idea into a new product that has substantially fewer parts and is much easier to assemble, at less than 10% of the cost of its predecessor. This product is now in high-volume production, margins are up, and it has been used to successfully treat several patients. designPORT has been an ideal development partner, and I intend to use them for future projects as our company grows.

Paul L

VP Product Development, Medical Device Manufacturer

We had a great idea for a new product for the outdoor recreation industry but were not interested in manufacturing it ourselves. designPORT designed and developed a fully functional prototype and then showed us how to patent it and ultimately approach licensees.

Marilyn H

Founder, Consumer Outdoor Recreation Product Licensee

We hired designPORT to perform industrial design for a number of new products. They developed a brand identity guide, clearly articulating the design features that make our products immediately recognizable even without labels. The resulting comprehensive document now provides clear direction to our engineering and marketing teams. designPORT then used their expertise and knowledge of our highly regulated industry to create elegant and rugged assemblies that reduce assembly costs and pass regulatory testing.

John C

VP, Medical Device Manufacturer

We hired designPORT to redesign one of our core products to increase the ergonomics, lessen the weight and reduce part and assembly labor costs. They not only accomplished that but provided us with design guidelines and part reliability studies that will help us on future projects. They are not only easy to work with but consistently over deliver.

Mike B

General Manager, Aerospace Tool Manufacturer

designPORT has done over 40 projects for us and has effectively become our engineering, design and prototyping division. A quick email or online meeting is typically all that is needed to convey the need and get them working towards bringing us fresh concepts and prototypes.

David S

CEO, Leading Industrial Hardware Manufacturer


Whatever size, We Can Help

Whether you are a large company or a crowd-funded startup, starting from a napkin sketch or an existing product line, designPORT has the skills, experience, and resources to make your project a success.

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